Good Coffee Smile

What does UCC stand for?

It is the initial of
U: Ueshima (Name of the founder)
C: Coffee
C: Company
UCC was founded in 1933, and since then has been providing service to its customers with the ethos of “Delicious coffee for everyone”.

The Quality of Our Coffee Beans

In order to provide delicious coffee to our customers constantly, it is important to control the quality of coffee beans at their origin. To achieve the best control of production, UCC has its own coffee farm in Jamaica and Hawaii, and a careful second quality check in Japan.

The Making of Delicious Coffee

We have different ways of making the best coffee, including Siphon, Espresso or Water Dripped, according to each type of bean, and the taste we would like to achieve. UCC wishes to bring you the best coffee out of our high-quality beans.

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News & Menu

26/10/2021 The shop offers Pasta, Udon, Casserole, Croissant Waffle...
「Grand Opening」AEON Whampoa Store
17/6/2021 The shop offers Pasta, Udon, Casserole, Croissant Waffle...
「Grand Opening」


We grind our beans according to each order from our customers, UCC coffee is the coffee that is made just for you. There is also a wide variation of food in our menu, which you could enjoy with your family, for your own enjoyment, or on a special day.
Please come by any of our coffee shops that is close to you.

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Good Coffee Smile
It is our mission to make our customers and our staff smile through coffee.
If you like to communicate with different people, or if you are interested in making food, we are waiting for your application.
We have training session for fresher and regular coffee extract training. You are welcome to join us even if you are a beginner in Food & Beverage industry.

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